I like funky. There’s no reason not to like funky. Funky ain’t never done nothing wrong by nobody. Funky’s always been fun. Funky’s always been good. Funky always feels right.

It’s good then to know that funky ain’t dead yet. Computers ain’t killed funky. Facebook, twitter, instagram, y’all ain’t killed funky neither. Funky is still very much alive. Our last set from backstage of the mythical land that exists for three days during the summertime and calls itself Bonnaroo, was pure testament to the staying power of funky.

Cherub was from around the corner in Nashville, so they didn’t have to drive too far to find us. Our boy Cruster Cody the PA said he’d seen their set the day before and that it was “sick,” so he was all about helping pick up their gear and loading them into the Van. Well, he was all about it right after he did some naughty stuff for the Black Lips, but when that was through, yeah, he was all about it, and gear they did have.

Lots of flashy gear, gear with buttons, gear with tubes, chords galore, all hooked up together in a successful effort to make a sound that is undeniably the absolute progression, of the world renowned feeling that is of course, funky.