About six months into this Jam in the Van experiment I caught Cerebral Ballzy open up for The Black Lips at El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. They were loud, and full of energy and angst, the mosh pit was raw and dangerous, it was punk rock as punk rock should be. I wanted so very badly to have that same energy and release bottled up and captured inside of our experiment. So we reached out via every way we could think of. Went so far as to have everyone that we knew post/harass Cerebral Ballzy on their Facebook page. Sadly we didn’t even get so much as a rejection.

No response is always the worst response. When we started Jam in the Van we got pretty used to not getting replied to. There’s always multiple ways to go about reacting to bumps in the road like that. In our experience we found that the best thing for us to do was to grow thick skin and let rejection roll off. It was going to happen plenty and we had to be prepared to not let it bother us. Because we knew if we worked hard enough and stuck at it we’d eventually start getting responses to all of our inquiries. Because we knew it would feel so amazing when we worked at it and succeeded. So here you have it, hard work paying off, in the loudest, most bad-ass, punk-rock-way possible.