I met Big Homie through Spud and his family. He’s doing something special over there in South Central. He’s creating a good influence for young people in a setting that isn’t an easy place to find good influences. Hell, as soon as we arrived our camera guys got stiff armed by a gang member while buying some snacks at the liquor store down the street from Big Homie’s church. They decided to buy him the malt liquor that he was demanding, and nothing bad came about, but if that’s you’re everyday, it ain’t always that easy. So I knew that bringing The Van to Big Homie’s neck of the woods had the potential to be something bigger than just a Jam in the Van Session.

Sure, to a passerby it may have looked exactly the same as any other session, just with a few more kids standing outside. It was more than that though. These kids had never heard the types of music that we brought through that church that day and they’d never been exposed to an idea like the Jam Van. If anything says you can do what you put your mind to, it’s our multi-colored-music-machine. So yeah, at the end of the day we filmed a few bands and made some great videos, but at the same time, Caught a Ghost’s music fell on some very fresh ears that afternoon, and hey, if it stuck in between just one set, well then we made a difference. That’s a good day as far as I’m concerned.