There’s just something different about the desert air. It feels like vacation no matter what day of the week it is, or whether or not you’re working, which on this occasion we were. Or rather, we were “working.” I think it was a Monday even, maybe a Tuesday, but there were still plenty of folks around in the middle of the day who were able to come on over to Brant’s place and have a little hang. Alex from Orange Amps got the BBQ going, but forgot the cheese for the burgers, rookie move. All the boys and girls with instruments congregated around Brant’s recently built studio at the far end of his desert complex. Our fellas with cameras followed them in there, and for about eight hours they made a lovely racket. We on the outside got to sit back, eat burgers, and listen to the rock and roll. At one point a six foot long garter snake appeared. Brant assured everyone that the snake was the homie, and he kept the rattlers away. That was a confident enough reply for us not to take too much alarm at the random appearance of a six foot long snake, and anyways, it kind of fit with the rock and roll, ya dig?