At 10 AM Bombino called and said they’d need to push the session later by an hour. They were stuck at the government office in New Orleans trying to get Bombino’s work visa extended. They called or emailed each hour for the next four hours. Each time the same thing. They needed more time, because shocker, the government office in New Orleans was not moving at a speedy pace on Jazz Fest week. So we waited in City park, six dudes and a dog. At one point our pal Anders Osborne jogged by. Just a regular monday for him, doing some cardio. We waited, for one, because we didn’t have anywhere else to be until later in the night, but also because they don’t make sayings up for no reason. Good things do come to those who wait. If Bombino was willing to come and hop in our van after spending what must have been a miserable Monday wading through American bureaucracy, then we were willing to wait for him to show up. So guess what? It was worth the wait.