Long before we had a Jam Van to spread vibes around the world, our crew used to cut out little pieces of paper that read “Good Vibes” on them and pass them out to random heads at phestivals.  Nothing special, just black ink on white paper, two words, didn’t even use any glitter.  Yet they worked, they coaxed a smile out of most every person we dropped them on.  Save for the folks whose make-out sessions or wookie-naps we interrupted.  The slips of paper eventually evolved into blue cards, which evolved into business cards, which evolved  into stickers that now say “heady vibes.”

At some point along the way I myself started to actually believe in this idea of vibes.  Because admittedly, it was at first a joke on the over-use of the word as permeated through the hippie-movement, the head-o-sphere, if you will.  However, along this journey that we’ve been on for a couple of years now it started to maybe mean a little something.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not running out to balance my chakra or steadying my xi anytime soon.  I just, I think there’s probably some sort of energy, vibes, that people pass amongst themselves.  I think it’s why my dog tends to enjoy biting sketchy looking people.  It’s why a girl with a really bright smile can step into a room and fill it with genuine kindness and wow everyone watching her.

Bean’s got good vibes.  They bubble out of her and tickle at your ears as they pass by.  A pleasant surprise housed in an extremely humble, yet beautiful girl.  Thank heavens for Twitter, else we most likely wouldn’t have come across Bean and her band of merry makers.  We wouldn’t have been caught off guard by how good her stuff was when we heard it live for the first time in that field in Tennessee.  We wouldn’t have been passed those good vibes that we can now pass to you.  It’s not a slip of paper or a card or a sticker, but it’s made up of the same stuff, and if you smile or dance, or just shuffle your feet a little bit, then you caught’em, and that should be alright by you.