Some people don’t know how to have fun, man. If that sounds weird it’s because it is. That doesn’t mean it’s not true though. Some people really just don’t know how to have fun. They’re the kids in school who like to complain about how much time they “have to” spend in the library. The ones who worry about their grades when they know they always get A’s. It’s always a bummer to be around those folks, because, news flash, NOBODY GIVES A DAMN about your grades.

What you should worry about is how much time you’re going to spend smiling. Where’s your next party going to be? How wild is too wild? Should you jump in the water with all of your clothes on? These are the real issues of concern. Not grades, not sleeping in a library, not GPA’s, worry about the fun. Archie Powell gets it, so now everyone needs to get it. Got it?