We just got off the phone with a company that makes an app that acts as a mobile recording studio for vocalists. Basically, you can record or upload your vocals and then put it on their network and as they described it, when you wake up the next morning a slew of producers will have produced your track for you. That’s kind of crazy when you think about it. So is a lot of this futuristic hover-board-world that’s unfolding right in front of us. There’s no slowing it down though, so you might as well have as much fun with it as possible.

To that, it must be so much different starting up a band in high school now than it was back in the 80’s and 90’s… shit, even the 00’s. Back in the day you played in your garage, your basement, your mom’s friend’s pool party, a school talent show, a local 18+ club, wherever you could. Now if you want to start a band in high school you play in the internet and you play for the internet. There’s always an audience to be found online. It’s pretty cool, because kids are always going to start bands, but nowadays we don’t have to ride our hover-boards miles and miles to hear them. We just have to hit play.