I always dig the Friday release the best. In my head I picture our supporters turning on their speakers at work and listening to the jams and thinking about how in just a few hours they won’t have to be at a desk for a whole 48 hours. Maybe they’re going to a music festival or a concert that weekend and this is the warm up. Or maybe they’re just relaxing at home, cooking a nice meal for their significant other or family and this is the soundtrack. Then, when they get home they turn on their house speakers and they blast the session louder than they could ever blast it at work, and they start dancing. Then their roommates or their kids all come out from their rooms and they start dancing, and all of a sudden it’s the weekend and not a damn thing matters more than how good the music is and how wide your smile is. At least that’s how I see it in my head. I can’t say that this has actually ever occurred anywhere. I mean, it hasn’t really even happened at my house, but I like to think that it does. This all started from a dream, so why not keep it that way, right?