A banjo will always be a banjo. A guitar will always be a guitar. A fiddle will always be a fiddle. Even in the age of the I-Phone, these things will remain the same. No matter what format you upload the file as, no matter what post production program you run it through, if you used an instrument to lay down the track, then that’s what you used.

Computers are gonna keep getting smaller and smaller while the world keeps getting crazier and crazier, but some folks, the ones gifted the abilities to use these archaic tools, they’re always going to sound like they came from a time before all of that. They’re going to pluck and strum, and pick away, just like so many others before them, so many great ones. Their voice is going to be that of a musician, just like so many other voices that have called out in song. This is a constant that we’re lucky to hold on to while so much rushes by without thought to the past. Music will of course change, there’s no stopping that. Yet it’s also going to always stay the same, and that is a very wonderful thing.