I wanted to watch American Aquarium’s set at AMERICANAFEST. This is the third time they’ve recorded with us, and if you follow BJ Barham and co. on their Instagram, you get to know quite a bit about them. So since the JITV account does follow them and since we are fans, well, I was looking forward to the session. However, a dude from one of the Dakota’s I believe, or it might have been Idaho, or Nebraska, or some place similar, got to talking my ear off. He had all sorts of questions about how we film our sessions, and as much as I tried to walk away from the conversation, he did persist, and I ended up not hearing much of the set. Which is funny because the dude from one of the Dakotas, or Idaho, whichever, well he was an American Aquarium fan too and he ended up missing the whole dang thing as well. At any rate, I’ve reviewed the tape and it’s pretty good. I’ll just catch y’all live at the next one.