This is how this one went down. We were chillin’. It was early, but it was hot. So feeling pretty bloated after having snuck into artist hospitality and nicking ourselves a well rounded breakfast, we moved our bean-bag chairs under our awning and took a load off. There were several hours to go until our first session that day, so this was down time.

Then a few dudes and a lady came over, they had artist’s wristbands on and even without they would have looked pretty bandish. We’d heard of ALO before, yet clearly we hadn’t known them by appearance. They asked if they could steal some of our shade for a minute, we asked if they’d like a beer as well. There was a moment of hesitation, then they saw what kind of beers we had and they came around.

Two beers in and they were grabbing their gear and setting up to play.

That’s the beauty of Bonnaroo. Everyone is kind, everyone offers you a beer, everyone is there for music and good times. We’re pretty grateful that we got to be a part of it this year. Given how this session happened, it’s fitting that ALO is the first offering that we have to share from that experience.