When we saw Allen Stone at Life is Beautiful Festival we had a beer with him and chatted about getting him back in The Van with his band. He had some of the kindest words to say about our work and the feeling is pretty mutual, because we are huge fans of his music. So getting Allen Stone back in The Van became a high priority on our to-do list.

As luck would have it, Allen is also friends with our buddies at Lagunitas Brewing Co., so when they told us that he was slated to play their SXSW showcase, well, we knew who the first act we were calling up about SXSW was going to be. So while sometimes a conversation had over a beer at a festival can be just something said in passing, if you’re a fan of Allen’s music, you know his words are more than genuine. So when he said he wanted to Jam in the Van with his band he meant it, and when we said there would be nothing in the world that would make us happier, we meant it. So now here we are in our post-SXSW haze, and the smiles on our faces are still as big as ever, because we made it happen, and it is so, so, so damn good!