“If being lost in a dream is really what you want I pray you never find your way…” – Aaron Wood

I’d like to just leave this post on that line, but that would maybe be cheating it. I won’t cheat it. I’ll give you the scene. I’ll tell you that the air was hot that day in the distinct way that Southern air can be. The type a hot that sits heavy on your eye’s, don’t breathe it to deep or you might suck in a gnat. People were laying around in the grass behind an empty house. Coolers strewn about, shade wherever you could find it, and laughter mingling with the chirps of birds and barks of dogs.

Then in the dead-smack-middle of the day, this man, Aaron “my friends call me Woody” Wood, did this, and we all forgot about the heat for a little while.

I can’t speak for everyone who comes across these tracks and has the fortune of pressing play, I can only speak for myself. So for what that’s worth, I sincerely believe that I will recall these songs for many years to come when I’m searching for music to set my mind at ease. If forced into a wager, I’d bet that most folks could maybe do the same. Read that quote at the top again, I think it’s good writing, but that’s just me, a dude that hangs out with his friends in a technicolor music van.