I mean, what can I say about this session.  The first one many years ago blew a lot of minds.  It went viral and it helped get this amazing musician’s name out to the world.  To this day people still tell us how tripped-out they were by the original session.  So it’s long been a goal of ours to get another session under the belt with Mr. DeLong.  He’s come such a long way and so have we.  So it was only fitting that we both show off all of our new toys, his far fancier set-up and video displays, and our spiffy new van, they were a good match.  Once again, minds were blown.  It doesn’t get much better than mind blowing.  So Robert DeLong is taking home the heady cup this year.  That’s a wrap. We will see you in 2016, when we start building our new list.  Until then keep it as heady as heady can be!