We’re so glad that our sound engineer John Washington (aka Beez) reminded us of this session with his first staff pick of 2014. This one comes from way back when we first started doing the damn thing. It was our first big road trip in the original Van, SXSW 2012. There we had filmed the most bands we’d ever filmed in a condensed amount of time. When we met Arum Rae she was our second to last artist to film on the trip. SXSW was pretty much over, and Sixth Street was no longer littered with people, but rather the discarded remnants of the festival that had been. Yet here we were in the parking lot of Gary Clark Jr.’s studio, about to film this diminutive little lady and her guitar. If ever we were dreaming of being done with the journey and back home in our beds, this was then. However, one bar from her voice and we were pulled right back into it. Such a big unique sound did we find that day in that parking lot. Maybe out of all of the acts that we’d seen that week, our favorite. Which is why we don’t ever get tired of the road anymore. There’s just too much great stuff out there to be found.