I don’t go to the man’s house (by choice).  As previously discussed, he comes to bother me.  

Now, somewhere between 17 and omitted (years of age) I discovered that it’s easier to let it slide when the teacher says something in a southern drawl that’s worthy of rebuke.  It saves you the trouble of having to scrub gum off of desks or wipe your boogers on the corner of the wall while you stare at it.  Same shit applies here with the Man.

So since I only deal with those dudes on open turf, I sent an associate to handle the formalities.  We’ll call him the BPH, which is short for the Budaphest.  Which is short for a heady cat with a belly and Zen capabilities.  

 The BPH has now called about sixteen times and visited once.  Each call ended with him leaving a voice message in the mailbox of one Officer Skinner (kinky name).  We were told to call this particular pillar of the community via one Office Reyes, who as previously mentioned, has good style. 

To this date officer Skinner has yet to respond to us.  However we have a quote from one of the officers who was on the scene the other day, officer Solinas (made this name up, I totally forgot the real one).  I do however remember his personage.  He came in hot with the pad and shit.  Well anyways, he told the BPH that the second time they came by (out of six), it was “not that bad…”  He however could not inform as to the whereabouts of one detective (not sure if she’s a detective) Skinner.  So the saga continues, and our faith in the civil service is further secured.  

 You viewers at home take this as written proof that I Spike Lee’d this shit from the get. 

Now I’m a go drink a gluto-free and see what kind of rocks my geologist is fuckin’ with tonight (Igneous or metamorphic you degenerate fucksticks!). 

Track for the Day:  Arlo Guthrie, “The City of New Orleans” off of Hobo’s Lullaby  

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This album is dated, but fantastic, and free.  If these dudes really are from Beer City then they need to call me and we need to do’da’damn’thing. 

Live Fast ______