So I was gonna write on some upset me this morning type shit, but then I decided that my mama might read this blog (ed. note: doubt it, she can’t really use the internet too well), and also that I don’t really wanna write on that, cause it’s done past.  I’ll say this, Tennessee, you redneck ass-wart of a poorly educated state, you won.  You spanked me good, fiercer than Pa ever did.  I think we’re all better for it in the end.  Me, because well, I done learnt a lil, just like erry time I trip up.  Eventually maybe I’ll have gotten all of these lessons, and I won’t need to learn so much, but judging from my track record, hmmm, prolly not.  You of course will be getting free school lunches in Coffee County for the next year or two, depending on how low the drech you slop to those chilren’s is…  Anyways, fuck you Tennessee.  Andrew Jackson was a bitch.

                So as for the update, well, if you recall I once spoke on my currently homeless buddy Jonny, and his thumb trek across America.  Last we left him I believe he was on a couch on the side of the street in Florence, Alabama drinking vodka and iced-tea at noon.  Well, since then I’ve spoken to the hobo with a blackberry twice, and missed several other calls from him.  I never seem to find the time to call him back and listen to him ramble about how epically magical everything he is doing and seeing is (ed. note: go figure), but I always mean to, and I appreciate that he checks in from time to time so that I know he isn’t lying raped and beaten in a ditch somewhere.

                So since it’s a slow day, and a Friday, I figure I can throw Jonny’s Journey a little more love and report that the vagabond has made it to Portland, Maine, where he plans on “working.”  A word that goes against the grain of pretty much how he rolls.  How he rolls being “not working.”  Anyways, he’s sent me some pretty cool phone camera pictures, he was toodling around on some chick’s boat one day, mucking around in some marshes the next.  So he’s out there, he’s seeing America and it is impressive.  Today he woke me up with the adorable little gem that you see above.

                This image is clearly one of his new toy of choice, and lord knows how he came upon it.  If I had to guess I would ration that he got maybe a day or two’s worth of manual labor at around 10 – 15 dollars an hour, made himself a couple hundred dollars, and spent all but some beer money to buy that there instrument.  Yup, I can see his face in that picture, even though his face isn’t in that picture.  I can tell he’s got a big goofy-ass grin across his mouth and a look of wild excitement in his eyes, because he knows he’s about to get loaded and annoy the shit out of some people while wailing away on his new toy. 

                Yup, bless a mother fucker who’ll spend his only cents in the world to get himself some strings to pick on.  I mean, there is a lot about Jonny that golly jeepers I’d love to smack out of his doof-ass, but I respect the hell out of his gumption.  If he wasn’t so damn obnoxious about it, I’d probably enjoy to listen to his tails of that gumption a whole lot more, but he is, so I don’t.  At any rate, I tip my hat to him today, because I know he’s got a sixer, no job, and he’s pickin’ away up in Maine with a stupid fuckin’ smile, and that’s fuckin’ beautiful on a Friday, fuckin’ beautiful.  Take that hint, figure out what a dude not carin’ about nothin’ but singin’ and smilin’ has to do with anything, and you might could have a bit more fun this weekend.  Enjoy the music Jonny, and all.

                Don’t forget to send us some street poems if you want to go to Sunset Junction.  Oh and you do want to go to Sunset Junction

– Quote for the Day:  Our boy Bob, who listens to mostly Mac Dre and Busta Rhymes – “I’d rather hear my mother getting raped than listen to TV on the Radio.” (ed. note: This site does not support Bob’s opinions, merely recording them).

Track for the Day: ” The Weight” by the Band, because I just got rid of a big one.  Play it off of The Last Waltz, then play the rest of the album (ed. note:  These tracks only work for your day if you play them, and play them loud).

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