So from time to time the Budaphest will come up to Gorilla and I and tell us that we’re meeting with so and so.  He’ll usually come over to the HQ, pick us up, and drive us to the meeting place.  Yesterday was one of those instances.  He said we were meeting “some chick that blogs and wants to do interviews…”  I know, it’s like he paints a picture with his words when he describes shit.

                So we met this chick at the trendy dirt-bag coffee shop on trendy dirt-bag lane, bout six blocks from our trendy dirt-bag HQ.  The coffee shop was overly crowded with yuppies who just had to have their soy milk fix, so we sat outside next to the trendy dirt-bag pizza spot, that the dirt-bags like to hang around and beg for money for five-dollar-a-slice-pizza. 

               Sidebar, to all you bums on Abbot Kinney asking for money for five dollar pizza, abso-fuckin-lutely-NOT!  Guys, at least show us the decency of pretending you’re going to spend the money you beg from me on something worth it.  I wouldn’t even spend five-dollars on a slice of sub-par pizza for myself.  Why would I give it to you for the same thing?  You can get a whole fucking pie of pizza at the Pizza Slut for five bucks.  Do that shit, you’re a bum, you don’t need yuppie ass organic pizza.  Dumbasses. 

                Ok, I digress (ed. note: that shit gets me all verklempt).  So anyhow, we met this chick outside on the street (ed. note: yeaaah), and at first I’m thinkin’ oy, she’s got this necklace that says “I Am Music,” she looks like a young version of Kennedy, like a indie band groupie, type a chick that’ll tell you she doesn’t watch any TV when we all know that everyone watches fuckin’ TV.  So, yeah, I think judging people is horrible, and I never do it… 

                So we met this girl, her name is Chantelle (sounds like a  Maury name I know), and she is definitely a lil’ indie music nerd.  She runs the site Converse Rockstar, where she posts her interviews with bands, and you know, it’s a good resource if you want to read about some hipsta tunes, but there’s a lot of those sites out there.  It’s best then to have something set your site apart from the masses.  For instance, for ours, we did this little gimmicky thing with an RV, you can check it out here. 

So what then is Chantelle’s unique little niche in the blogosphere?  Well, after telling us about all of the various publications that she contributes to, and her different internships, and who she knows, etc., etc., well after impressing us with that, Gorilla asks her how she finds time for a job.  To that she replies “I’m a student.”  The next question is naturally “oh yeah?  Where do you go to school?”  The next answer is not naturally “a small high-school in Calabassas.”

                Homegirl is still in high school!  Gonna be a senior!  I mean, I know there are ambitious people out there, and kids are doin’ more and more shit faster and faster nowadays, but still, hot damn girl!  When I was in high school I was either goin’ to some kind of practice, or figuring out how to make one of these out of one of these  I was not what you call a go-getter (ed. note: I won a North Carolina regional science fair in Middle School by making up an invention that didn’t work, that was kind of my peak).  So this to me was very impressive and as a result I have to highly recommend that if you are looking for a website to read about music on, give this girl’s a shot. 

                Now to the other half of our subject matter.  Video killin’ it on the radio suckaaaaaa!  Big thanks to 98.7 for featuring our Youngblood Hawke videos on their Close to Home series.  If you guys haven’t checked out Youngblood Hawke you should give it a listen.  It is some of the nicest music we have recorded to date, and that is saying something.  If you want to learn about some other kick-ass local Los Angeles musicians, check out 98.7’s Close to Home on the internet and on the radio frequencies.

                Alright, everyone be semi-safe out there this weekend.  Stay off the blue shit.

Track for the Day:  Lil Weezy!

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